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The issues revolving around access to land are discussed in a multitude of reports, studies and papers. They give us deep insight on EU and national contexts, uncover new perspectives and enable us to take objective, fact-based positions. Consider this section your personal library on land related topics. Check back often for new additions!

Handbook: Your Land, My Land, Our Land
On 28 May 2020, the Nyéléni Europe Food Sovereignty Movement launches a practical tool to support land struggles and mobilisations, which aim to preserve farmland and access to land for peasant farming and agroecology.
A guide for setting up a land initiative and developing a land strategy
New publication!
The Access to Land Network is launching a new guide: ‘Access to land for agroecological farming: a guide for setting up a land initiative and developing a land strategy’.
Reviving County Farms in England
December 2019
A new report, ‘Reviving County Farms’, has been published by CPRE, the countryside charity for England, in collaboration with the New Economics Foundation, Who Owns England?, and Shared Assets.
New UK report
Our future in the land
July 2019
The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce’s (RSA) Food, Farming and Countryside Commission has published a report which is both a review of the state of play and an action manual for change.
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Access to Land and Greek law: a rich legislation, yet to be implemented
November 2019
A new study reviewing access to land and Greek law aims to better identify the legal levers existing in Greek law which could support access to land for agroecology.
Report - Europeʼs new farmers
Access to land for new entrants: innovative ways to enter farming and secure land
September, 2018
This report aims to share our experience and analyses of the situation for new farmers and their access to land in Europe. It also showcases innovative ways to support their entry into farming, including farm incubators.
A report of Eco Ruralis and European Coordination Via Campesina
The trouble with soy: the threats to small-scale producers across Europe
August 2018
Eco Ruralis and European Coordination Via Campesina released a report calling attention to the land and food risks associated with transplanting industrial-scale soybean or other protein crop production in Europe.
Supporting access to land for farmers in Europe
Local authorities’ role to secure access to land for farmers
June, 2017
Local authorities are a major stakeholder in facilitating access to land for farmers. This report explores key levers which they can use and presents a series of case studies illustrating the role they can play.
Stories from Europe
Local authorities supporting access to land for farmers
June 2017
This report presents 12 case studies illustrating the role local authorities can play in facilitating access to land for farmers. It is meant for local authorities and civil society organisations engaging with local authorities.
Report and case studies
Access to land and Community Supported Agriculture
June 2017
This report explores the challenges of access to land for Community Supported Agriculture, and presents stories from accross Europe. A useful resource for CSAs and all those interested in land for communities and local food systems!
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