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The issues revolving around access to land are discussed in a multitude of reports, studies and papers. They give us deep insight on EU and national contexts, uncover new perspectives and enable us to take objective, fact-based positions. Consider this section your personal library on land related topics. Check back often for new additions!

Innovation in Action
A new report on novel land practices by Access to Land partners
In 2021 six members and partners of the Access to Land network involved in the RURALIZATION project developed innovative actions on emerging land topics. These actions covered a wide range of topics, from the conservation of hay meadows, to creating new visions for public farmland; from (...)
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How to do financial accounting in a more sustainable way
A closer look to a tool developed in Germany - Richtig rechnen / Calculte it right!
Regionalwert AG is experimenting with innovative approaches for financial accounting taking environmental and social aspects into account. "Calculate it right” is the outcome of one of those experiments. This approach is key as it enables us to show the multiple positive and negative impacts of (...)
Handbook on farm impact assessment
Showcasing methods for evaluating, communicating and improving a farm’s environmental, social and economic outcomes
How do you measure the many benefits of an agroecological approach to farming? How can that be done in practical ways that are not overly complex or costly to carry out? And how can farmers and land-based organisations use such results to communicate the interlinking mutual benefits of (...)
Guardians of the Land - Portraits of citizens committed to land and agroecology
New brochure for public engagement - available in various languages
"Guardians of the Land - Portraits of citizens committed to land and agroecology“ is a brochure published in 6 languages, showcasing 16 individuals from across Europe who are contributing their knowledge, time and energy to preserve farmland and support new agroecological farmers. It is a nice (...)
Land Matching Platforms in Europe
4 documentaries on Land Machtching Platforms
What is a Land Matching Platform? Here is not an answer but several. In the frame of a European project we met persons involved in different projects. Come an meet them, here and now.
The Beginner’s Kit (v2.0)
A guidebook for setting up a land initiative and developing a land strategy
The Beginner’s Kit (official title „Access to land for agroecological farming – a guide for setting up a land initiative and developing a land strategy“) is a toolkit for all those who are thinking about starting a (local) land initiative or who are determined to do (...)
How can our organisations can assist with non-family farm transfers?
Rurbans from Catalonia recently published a practical handbook on this topic
How our organisations can assist with non-family farm transfers?” Non-family agricultural and livestock farm transfers occur outside the family sphere, when the farm is transferred to somebody outside of the farming family. beginning at tertiary kinships concerning the transferor (T). This 33-p (...)
Handbook on responsible farmland ownership (France)
Guide de la propriété foncière agricole responsable
This “Guide de la propriété foncière agricole responsable” is a handbook designed to engage with and support private owners of farmland. It aims to raise awareness of private owners, and provide information and advice to those of them who are seeking to develop a project for their land which is (...)
Land Innovations for Rural Regeneration and Generational Renewal in Europe
Documenting and analysing European innovative land practices
The RURALIZATION project brings a multi-actor and multi-disciplinary perspective on innovations and good practices to trigger rural regeneration and generational renewal in Europe. In 2020, RURALIZATION documented 64 innovative land practices, looking at ways that a variety of actors work (...)
Policy Report : Roots of Resilience
Land Policy for an Agroecological Transition in Europe
On 25 February 2021, the Nyéléni Europe Food Sovereignty Movement launches a policy report which makes a number of recommendations for how agroecology and democratic land control can take root in Europe.
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