Access To Land

Other films worth watching!

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The land, a common good
"A documentary on Terre de liens, directed by Luba Vink and Aurélien Levêque"
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The chase for land - The global business with fertile soils
"A documentary directed by Chiara Sambuchi, featured on 3Sat TV Broadcast Station"
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Regionalwert AG — Help for farms in crisis | Made in Germany
"Documentary by Miltiades Arsenopoulos, for the Deutsche Welle TV, 5mn, in English"
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Kulturland eG: a citizen cooperative to secure famland
"A presentation of the start and development of Kulturland eG, a German citizen cooperative to secure farmland. "
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"A documentary on the historic struggle of the Larzac farmers"
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Change of hands
"An exploration of Terre de liens new ownership model, directed by Luba Vink and Aurélien Levêque"
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Our film: The Land for our Food
Other films worth watching!
Farmland for Public Good Video Series

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