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Survey results of the needs of European access to land initiatives
New publication!
The results of the survey of priority needs of 32 grassroots organisations from across 13 countries working to secure land for agroecological farming will soon be available to read in our new report.
FarmTrain to depart soon!
A new Erasmus + experience sharing partnership
Access to Land network members and close partners AMPI (Czech Republic), Eco Ruralis (Romania), Agronauten (Germany) and Agroecopolis (Greece) are setting out on an innovative Erasmus+ funded project: FarmTrain. The FarmTrain project not only provides training for new farmers but also for (...)
Crowdfunding for access to land in Romania
Putting the ’fun’ in fundraising: a crowdfunding pilot from ALPA
ALPA was founded in 2018 to acquire land and farms through donations and investments and rent them to agroecological farmers who wish to maintain and develop Romania’s agroecological human scale agriculture. In the summer of 2019, Andrei Girz, one of ALPA’s current volunteers, came up with a (...)
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Mobilising church land in Germany
The landlord of the Lord’s land: guidelines for renting church land in Germany
The northern Evangelic Church in Germany (Evangelische Kirche Nordeutschland - EKD) are putting more and more focus on their church land. In September 2016, the Loccumer Appeal (below) was published. These voluntary guidelines act as a tool for starting a dialogue at a parish level about how (...)
Scottish Farm Land Trust launch their first crowdfunder!
Support access to land for new farmers in Scotland
Accessing land to start farming in Scotland is particularly hard due to the high concentration of land ownership, the high price of land, and low availability of agricultural tenancies. The Scottish Farmland Trust was established in 2018 to support access to land for small-scale agroecological (...)
Farm tenancy reform in Wallonia, Belgium
Earlier this summer, Wallonia, Belgium saw a regionwide reform of its farm tenancy legislation. The reform aimed at restoring a better balance and limit abuses. Terre-en-vue also took the opportunity to include environmental clauses in the new tenancy (...)
RURALIZATION: the opening of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms
New Horizon 2020 Partnership 2019-2023
Six Access to Land members and partners are taking part in a Horizon 2020 project to study good practices and develop solutions for the regeneration of rural areas in Europe. Stay tuned for future updates on researching the aspirations of young generations; understanding pathways and support (...)
A new tool for promoting resilient, local food systems
Launch in Paris, France - 10 October 2019
On 10 October 2019, Terre de Liens, the French Federation of Organic Farming (FNAB) and the activist think-tank BASIC launched a new on-line tool to promote resilient, local food systems.
A German Platform on Access to Land !
Netzwerk Flächensicherung
Netzwerk Flächensicherung is a German national platform founded in 2018 by seven organisations working on agriculture and access to land issues.
"Collaborative Learning About Innovative Land Strategies"
Erasmus Strategic Partnership 2018-20
Seven European and national level organisations have launched a strategic partnership aimed at learning about innovative land strategies to strengthen agroecology and the food sovereignty movement in Europe.
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