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The impact of the war in Ukraine on farmers and farmland
A view from the ground
Since the start of the war in Ukraine, much has been said of the dramatic human and social consequences for the Ukrainian population. With Ukraine being one of the cereal baskets of the world, the war also has major impacts on Ukrainian farmers and rural communities and the geopolitics of (...)
Reinventing Organizations - a teaser
by Thomas Kliemt-Rippel, Kulturland
What would an organization look like, where decisions are not made top down, but rather each person in the organization is empowered with a high degree of autonomy to make decisions and feel like they are part of a bigger, interconnected organism? An organization that is fluid and dynamic and (...)
Public Land
How Terre-en-vue is engaging with public authorities on land issues in Belgium
Installing or stabilizing farmers on communal lands, aligning new regulations with farm leases, feeding children and the elderly with organic and locally grown products, protecting public lands from run-off or flooding, optimizing the management of one’s inheritance .... These are all good (...)
Engaging with religious land owners: a budding partnership opportunity
A case study by Terre de Liens in Alsace region/France
Many churches across Europe are landholders and real estate owners. Over an 8-month period in 2021, Terre de Liens Alsace explored how to accompany and advise religious communities with agricultural properties.
Spanish Ministry of Agriculture publishes report on access to land
Spanish Ministry of Agriculture published a summary report on the question on access to land after a consultation process including a wide range of actors from various sectors.
Oxford Real Farming Conference, 2022
UK’s annual agroecology event went global again
The very beginning of the year (05-07 Jan. 2022) marks the time again for the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC). Originally conceived as a hybrid affair, combining an in-person conference with a smaller onliine conference - the content boosted by livestreaming sessions from the in-person (...)
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Invitation – Call for ideas
Outreach for topics to be discussed in a 2022 webinar series (spring and autumn)
Since 2020, members of the Access to Land network have organised a series of webinars to present some of our publications, explore practical topics or present and debate policy issues. Webinars on practical topics, for instance, explore how to assess environmental, social and economic (...)
A Learning Platform on supporting farmers’ access to land
A three-year joint learning experience (2018-2021)
The wish to share experience and jointly buildup professional skills around land issues brought together eight land organisations from across Europe in a three-year (2018-2021) EU-funded partnership (Erasmus +) Setting up a learning platform. The project was a collaboration between (...)
Farmers without Land?
Symposium at the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Berlin, Germany (26.01.2022)
"Farmers without Land? New opportunities through community land ownership" was the title of a conference organised by Kulturland jointly with two other German networks (Netzwerk Flächensicherung and Netzwerk Landwirtschaft ist Gemeingut) in Berlin. The topic of land was illuminated with a (...)
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The land to those who farm it
Call to the International Conference of Ministers of Agriculture (Berlin, 22-Jan-2022)
The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), an international conference on issues of global agricultural and food policies, has been held in Berlin on an annual basis for 14 years. Around 3000 international visitors from politics, business, science and civil society discuss a key topic – (...)
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