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Access to land a major theme at Oxford Real Farming Conference
The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) held another successful two-day conference in early January, this year with ten sessions focussed on access to land.
New photographic project, Parade, backs call to action on access to land
A new photo exhibition and book
Pulitzer prize nominated photographer Mark Neville’s new project, Parade, captures what it means to be a community in rural Guingamp, Brittany. Photographing and speaking with farmers, Mark was struck by how often access to land surfaced as a key issue for farming and for generational (...)
Strategising access to land as a tool for land stewardship
A new approach of the Catalan Nature Conservation Network
The Catalan Nature Conservation Network evolves from a nature conservation organisation to having a strategy on access to land as tool for land stewardship.
Agroecology Finds Its Way into England’s Post-Brexit Agriculture Bill
The UK’s exit from the EU means no more CAP, and in its place a whole new legislative framework. Agroecology is in the new Agriculture Bill, but its meaning and extent remain somewhat obscure.
Trecadwgan Farm, to be sold by Public Auction on March 4th 2020
Mobilising to save a County Farm!
Since June 2019 when plans for its sell-off were announced by the local council a campaign, ‘Save Trecadwgan Farm’, was set up to to purchase this unique County Farm for community farming and enterprise.
Farm incubators emerging in Spain
Over the last year, some Spanish organisations have been shaping RETA, the network that is expected to foster generational renewal by adapting farm incubators’ strategy in Spain.
P2P Agroecology in Europe
A peasant to peasant agroecology project!
In the small-scale farmers’ world, P2P can stand for more than peer-to-peer and evoke a traditional (not yet lost!) type of agriculture that can teach us much for the future, P2P can also start to mean ’peasant-to-peasant’.
Evaluation of the Access to Land Network
In 2019, the Access to Land Network benefited from an external evaluation which focused on all aspects of the Network’s activities since 2010. It aimed in particular to assess its actions and its impacts.
Sale of public land by the municipality of Ghent
Can public land sales indirectly subsidise landowners?
As with many municipalities in Europe, the municipality of Ghent, Belgium, owns farms and farmland, properties of historic significance used for centuries to produce food for the city and support the poor. Over recent years, the municipality has sold off large areas of farmland: 170 hectares (...)
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Survey results of the needs of European access to land initiatives
New publication!
The results of the survey of priority needs of 32 grassroots organisations from across 13 countries working to secure land for agroecological farming will soon be available to read in our new report.
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