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Farm tenancy reform in Wallonia, Belgium
Earlier this summer, Wallonia, Belgium saw a regionwide reform of its farm tenancy legislation. The reform aimed at restoring a better balance and limit abuses. Terre-en-vue also took the opportunity to include environmental clauses in the new tenancy (...)
RURALIZATION: the opening of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farm
New Horizon 2020 Partnership 2019-2013
Six Access to Land members and partners are taking part in a Horizon 2020 project to study good practices and develop solutions for the regeneration of rural areas in Europe. Stay tuned for future updates on researching the aspirations of young generations; understanding pathways and support (...)
A new tool for promoting resilient, local food systems
Launch in Paris, France - 10 October 2019
On 10 October 2019, Terre de Liens, the French Federation of Organic Farming (FNAB) and the activist think-tank BASIC launched a new on-line tool to promote resilient, local food systems.
A German Platform on Access to Land !
Netzwerk Flächensicherung
Netzwerk Flächensicherung is a German national platform founded in 2018 by seven organisations working on agriculture and access to land issues.
"Collaborative Learning About Innovative Land Strategies"
Erasmus Strategic Partnership 2018-20
Seven European and national level organisations have launched a strategic partnership aimed at learning about innovative land strategies to strengthen agroecology and the food sovereignty movement in Europe.
"Setting up a Learning Platform for Farmers’ Access to Land"
New Erasmus Partnership 2018-21
Nine of our members and partners will participate in a three-year-long programme to build the capacity, knowledge, know-how, and practical tools of European access to land initiatives.
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Scottish Farm Land Trust
Wanted: Land for New Farmers - Scotland
New report!
The Scottish Farm Land Trust just released its first report: Wanted: Land for New Farmers, first presented on 27 September 2017 at an event in the Scottish Parliament. The report shows that hundreds of people are actively looking for farmland in Scotland to start agroecological farms, with (...)
EC consultation!
European Commission Consultation on Foreign Investment in Farmland closes this Friday!
The European Commission is seeking feedback on its roadmap on ’Interpretative Communication on Foreign Investment in Farmland and European Union law.’
New report!
ECA special report: support for young farmers should be better targeted!
A special report by the European Court of Auditors (ECA) concludes that EU support for young farmers needs improvement to aid generational renewal.
New research: Biogas subsidies inflate land rents in Northern Germany
A study centred on two German federal regions demonstrates the potential influence that biogas subsidies can have on land rents, by creating profitable conditions for biogas investments, hence greater demand for leased land.
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