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New Erasmus Partnership
To foster the lobby and advocacy capacities of the A2LN
"Upskilling pathway for agroecology practitioners toward European synergies on land" is an Erasmus+ co-funded partnership between ADRI (Ukraine), Ecoruralis (Romania), Terre en vue (Belgium), Netzwerk Flächensicherung (Germany) and Terre des Liens (France).
New European alliances with local authorities
Making Farmland Work for the Public Good Seminar, Brussels March 2023
Members and partners of the Access to Land network are expanding their alliances with local authorities to put land at the service of the common good. They recently published an online handbook and organised an international seminar to discuss the role of local authorities in securing farmland (...)
Award winning cooperative De Landgenoten
De Landgenoten recently had the pleasure of receiving the monthly Open Space Cup for its report on the obstacles in the Flemish farmland market. This monthly reward is given by the VRP, which is the Flemish Association for Space & Planning.
Lenteland - a name to remember
A new land initiative emerging in the Netherlands
Soil and how it is being treated, agricultural land and how it is used and by whom – such questions did not raise mainstream interest in the past. But things are changing, public awareness is increasing and promising new initiatives are popping up. One of these new initiatives is Lenteland, (...)
Nadace Pro půdu in a nutshell
The Access to land member organisation from Czech Republic
A 15-min video interview with Hana Bernardova from Nadace Pro půdu (Foundation for Soil) from Czech Republic
Access to land network: Celebrating our tenth anniversary
by Véronique Rioufol, coordinator of the European Access to Land Network
In August 2012 some thirty participants from Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, the UK and France meet on the in the Beaujolais region, France. It was the first gathering of the Access to land network that has evolved since then and celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022.
The impact of the war in Ukraine on farmers and farmland
A view from the ground
Since the start of the war in Ukraine, much has been said of the dramatic human and social consequences for the Ukrainian population. With Ukraine being one of the cereal baskets of the world, the war also has major impacts on Ukrainian farmers and rural communities and the geopolitics of (...)
Reinventing Organizations - a teaser
by Thomas Kliemt-Rippel, Kulturland
What would an organization look like, where decisions are not made top down, but rather each person in the organization is empowered with a high degree of autonomy to make decisions and feel like they are part of a bigger, interconnected organism? An organization that is fluid and dynamic and (...)
Public Land
How Terre-en-vue is engaging with public authorities on land issues in Belgium
Installing or stabilizing farmers on communal lands, aligning new regulations with farm leases, feeding children and the elderly with organic and locally grown products, protecting public lands from run-off or flooding, optimizing the management of one’s inheritance .... These are all good (...)
Engaging with religious land owners: a budding partnership opportunity
A case study by Terre de Liens in Alsace region/France
Many churches across Europe are landholders and real estate owners. Over an 8-month period in 2021, Terre de Liens Alsace explored how to accompany and advise religious communities with agricultural properties.
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