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Land Strategies Webinar Series 2020

We are happy to present our webinar series on Land Strategies in Europe! (2020)

Webinar "Launch of Your Land, My Land, Our Land", June 2020, on vimeo

This webinar series presents several perspectives on strategies for preserving farmland and supporting peasant agroecology in Europe, from the local to the European level. It results from the Erasmus + Partnership on Land Strategies, bringing together peasant farming (European Coordination Via Campesina, Eco Ruralis), organic farming (IFOAM EU), community-supported agriculture (Urgenci), community land initiatives (Terre de Liens and Real Farming Trust), and research and advocacy on natural resource politics (Transnational Institute).

This first webinar series includes the following webinars:
 The presentation and launch of the Handbook Your Land, My Land, Our Land on 16 June 2020
 Local Land Mobilisations: from land struggles to the new role of communities, on 2 July 2020
 Access to Land for the Youth, on 16 July 2020
 Read more about our second webinar series

 View webinar 1 presenting the Handbook Your Land, My Land, Our Land (above)
 View webinar 2 on Local Land Actions: The Struggle for Land from the Ground Up!

 View webinar 3 on Youth (coming soon)

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Watch more videos in this section or on the vimeo channel of the Access to Land Network

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Webinar 1: Launch of Your Land, My Land, Our Land
"Presenting a new handbook on local land mobilisations"
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Land Strategies Webinar Series 2020
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