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Farmland for Public Good Infographics

Local authorities who support access to land for agroecology can generate benefits which go far beyond the farming sector. Local authorities have a variety of ways to make a difference on land, even when resources are tight. Three broad ways they can take action are:

1) Managing public land responsibly to benefit the local community
2) Facilitating better local land systems by promoting democratic dialogue on land issues
3) Using regulatory powers to preserve and enable access to farmland

We have developed infographics which illustrate each of these three roles local authorities can play, as well as the actions each role entails. These infographics are part of the Access to Land Making Farmland Work for Public Good handbook.

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At the bottom of this page, infographics can be found as downloadable PDFs in English, French, Dutch, German and Catalan.

Acting as a responsible landowner

Acting as a facilitator of democratic land systems

Acting as a regulator to preserve and enable access to farmland

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Infographics: Access to land in Europe
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Farmland for Public Good Infographics

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