Access To Land

Infographics: Access to land in Europe

We have developed a series of twelve infographics to present facts and issues of securing land for agroecological farming in Europe. They are organised in three groups:
> Farmland is under threat
> Small and family farmers are losing ground
> Challenges facing agroecological farmers

We will add all 12 infographics over the coming weeks. Feel free to download, share, print, disseminate and use for your own work.

These infographics are available in English and French for now. They will soon be available in other European languages. We will also shortly make them available as a series of posters.


Farmland under threat

Info 1: Europe is losing farmland
Info 2: Intensive farming practices damage farmland
Info 3: Intensive farming practices damage natural resources
Info 4: EU consumption impacts on other continents’ farmland

Small farmers are losing ground

Info 5: European farmland is increasingly concentrated
Info 6: European farms are becoming bigger... and fewer
Info 7: European agriculture is increasingly corporate controlled
Info 8: Land concentration goes hand in hand with job losses

Challenges facing agroecological farmers

Info 9: Farmland as a financial asset
Info 10: A new generation of farmers is needed
Info 11: Farmand is too expensive for agroecological farmers
Info 12: Organic farmland: a small but growing area

Consult the data and references for these infographics.

If you are interested in infographics on land in Europe, please also consult Land for the few, four infographics on land concentration in Europe, developed by the Transnational Institute in 2016.

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- Infographics: Access to land in Europe
- Infographics: full references

Quiz on farmland in Europe

Screening The land for our food
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