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France has a rich history of land market regulations as well as of policies protecting and promoting family farming. Despite these policies, France is today faced with similar challenges to the rest of Europe: farmland is converted to non-agricultural uses, peasant farming is disappearing, many future farmers are struggling to find land and get started, and the environmental damage caused by agriculture is high.

Thanks to cultural attachment to food and agriculture and a rich network of rural and agricultural organisations, France has also provided fertile soil for many civic initiatives and experiments.

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Engaging with religious land owners: a budding partnership opportunity
Many churches across Europe are landholders and real estate owners. Over an 8-month period in 2021, Terre de Liens Alsace explored how to accompany and advise religious communities with (...)
New film: Land for our food
Just released! Our film The Land for our Food is a very concrete introduction to the challenge of land access in Europe and the power of communities.

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Field visit on farm incubators in France

Larzac community farmland trust (SCTL)

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