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Farmland for Public Good Video Series

Local action is key to a regenerative future. At the Access to Land network, we think local authorities are key allies in promoting agroecology and generational renewal in farming. On the issue of land, in particular, local authorities can take action by:

  1. Managing public land responsibly and to benefit the local community
  2. Facilitating better local land systems by promoting local dialogue and democratic oversight on land issues
  3. Using regulatory powers to preserve and enable access to farmland

After studying examples of local governments that are pioneering creative strategies to provide access to land for new farmers and agroecological projects, we decided to share the testimonies of some of them in these videos. We hope you enjoy them and share them widely!

Learn how local authorities can act as landowners, or facilitators and regulators of local land systems:

How can local authorities make better use of public land ?

How can local authorities facilitate robust local land systems?

How can local authorities use regulatory powers to improve access to land ?

Practical informations

– Duration: about 4:30 minutes per video
– Original language: English
– Distributed under Creative Commons Licence Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0

How to view and share the videos?

Feel free to view, screen and share these short films as much as you want!
– View the videos on-line (click above)
– Download them on Vimeo
– Share your thoughts on Instagram, X, Facebook, LinkedIn (@A2LNetwork) or by contacting us :

Additionnal resources

 Find all our additional resources for local authorities in our local policy section

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Farmland for Public Good Video Series

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