Access To Land

Eco Ruralis

Supporting agroecology and promoting small-scale family farming in Romania.

Key facts and figures

 Association of peasants, organic farmers and gardeners, academics and agricultural activists;
 Advocating for peasants rights through three major campaigns: Agrobiodiversity, Land Rights and Short Food Chains;
 More than 1800 members from all regions of Romania;
 Coordinator of WWOOF Romania, an international volunteering programme on organic and traditional farms.

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David Ferenc Street, no. 10, ap. 5
Cluj-Napoca city,
Cluj county, 400102

Phone: +40-264-599-204
Fax: +40-264-599-204


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Eco Ruralis unveils the "velvet" side of land grabbing happening in the back yard of the EU. The intersection of farm subsidies, Governmental Plans and Corporate interests push peasants form their lands and block the development of a dynamic rural sector.

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