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Czech Republic

Access to land for small-scale farmers and new entrants is a new topic in the Czech Republic as in recent decades the focus has been mainly paid to the support of conventional intensive agriculture. This was mainly due to the fact that the Czech Republic has the largest agricultural production blocks with the highest proportion of rented land in Europe. On the other hand, there is a very high ownership fragmentation of agricultural land.

However, access to land is currently becoming an important issue in the context of sustainable food production and protection of landscape stability in the Czech Republic. Therefore the non-governmental initiatives have started raising awareness about the importance of a responsible way of farming, its positive impacts on environment, accessibility of farmland for agroecological farmers and affordability of fresh and organic food through their campaigns and programs. Access to land is mainly hard for new entrants in the agricultural sector due to the extreme ownership fragmentation, land prices and insecure tenancy system.

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Nadace Pro půdu in a nutshell
A 15-min video interview with Hana Bernardova from Nadace Pro půdu (Foundation for Soil) from Czech Republic

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