Access To Land

Biodynamic Land Trust

The BDLT aims to secure farmland in trust for affordable access for biodynamic farmers, for conservation, public access, sustainable and community connected farming and education.

Key facts and figures

- 37 acres saved from sale on open market for Tablehurst Farm Coop ongoing use.
- Rush Farm (160 acres) saved from Bank sale for family and biodynamic agriculture into the future
- Support and advice for a number of groups interested in setting up local farms
- Initiating a national land access action research proposal
- Supporting growing interest and awareness of the issues and needs regarding land for sustainable farming in the UK.

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UK / Focus on Scotland

Biodynamic Land Trust,
Martin Large
The Painswick Inn
Gloucester Street,
Stroud GL5 1QG, UK


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- Huxham's Farm Design Workshop 10th-Sunday12th April
- Comparison of Biodynamic, Organic and 'Conventionally' Farmed Soils
- Sheffield Farm Land Access Workshop: This Land is Our Land
- Invitation to Stockwood CBS Members to become Co-Trustees
- Firts 2015 Rush Farm Produce on Sale this week!

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