Access To Land
Preserving land

Land is an essential, finite resource. Let’s preserve it from urban development and ensure that farming practices contribute to protect the quality of the soil, water and ecosystems.

Securing land for agroecology

Current land markets and policies come together to favour agro-industrial forms of farming and fuel land concentration. How can we secure land to ensure the development of agroecology in Europe?

Supporting a new generation

Within 10 years, half European farmers will retire. Currently, many retirements lead to farm closure and land concentration. How to facilitate farm succession and the entry of newcomers into farming?

Managing land as commons

Mobilising communities to ensure that farmland is used and managed in a way that fulfils its essential contribution to food production, ecosystems and human life.


Watch our new Insta Videos and get to know our allies!

The #accesstolandnetwork facilitates trainings and coalition buildings to put #agroecology on the agenda for the EU-Elections 2024. Don’t forget to vote!

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Forum Synergies offers a trainee exchange programme

Forum Synergies offers a trainee exchange program - Learn here what it is about and how you can get involved!

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A2L talked with Maria Noichl (MEP / S&D)

Mme Noichl is part of the S&D party in the EP - social
democrates in Germany. In 2017 whe was rapporteur for and INI report on Land concentration. We discussed whether EU is still a potential change maker for a2l.

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Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farms, UK

In January 2025, we will be coming together in Oxford to celebrate, educate, debate, share, and draw strength as a movement.

This webinar is part of the 2024 Access to Land advocacy training cycle organised during the E+ financed “UPSOL” Project - Upskilling pathway for agroecology practitioners toward European synergies on land. It took place at February 13th, 2024 between 2-4 pm.

Maria Noichl explains in detail her political history and her motivation in the process of the INI report, as well as her personal experience with EU Institutions. After that there is a discussion on the topic of access to land on EU-Level and what challenges and levers exist.

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