Access To Land
Preserving land

Land is an essential, finite resource. Let’s preserve it from urban development and ensure that farming practices contribute to protect the quality of the soil, water and ecosystems.

Securing land for agroecology

Current land markets and policies come together to favour agro-industrial forms of farming and fuel land concentration. How can we secure land to ensure the development of agroecology in Europe?

Supporting a new generation

Within 10 years, half European farmers will retire. Currently, many retirements lead to farm closure and land concentration. How to facilitate farm succession and the entry of newcomers into farming?

Managing land as commons

Mobilising communities to ensure that farmland is used and managed in a way that fulfils its essential contribution to food production, ecosystems and human life.

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Browse background information and organisations by country

Wanted: Land for New Farmers - Scotland

The Scottish Farm Land Trust just released its first report: Wanted: Land for New Farmers, first presented on 27 September 2017 at an event in the Scottish Parliament. The report shows that hundreds of people are actively looking for farmland in Scotland to start agroecological farms, with access to land being a critical barrier.

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Speakers’ presentations - June Seminar

Our June seminar on Access to land had a wealth of workshops and plenaries to explore many topics and present experiences from around Europe. Find here all speakers’ presentations. Read till the end for a suprise!

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Access to land and Community Supported Agriculture

This report explores the challenges of access to land for Community Supported Agriculture, and presents stories from accross Europe. A useful resource for CSAs and all those interested in land for communities and local food systems!

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